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Elgris Technologies™ (Elgris) was founded in 2005 by the Board of Directors of Electronic Tools Company (e-tools). Faced with the challenge of supporting products in 2 fields radically different, E-Tools decided to create a company, Elgris Technologies Inc., that would concentrate only on its EDA Tools while E-Tools name would be reserved to the company dealing with Business solutions and E-Government software. 

Our mission, as always, is to create solutions for a diverse, enterprise-wide user base. For the designer, Elgris brings high quality translators that simplify the tasks of integrating, migrating, and archiving design data from various EDA platforms. For the non-designer, Elgris brings visualization technology that makes it obvious to access, to view, and to markup design data for review and communication processes.

Our products include all products previously marketed under E-Tools brand name:

Schematics and Netlist Viewers
Standard XML Translators found on most leading EDA platforms
Standard EDIF Translators found on most leading EDA platforms
Elgris products are supported worldwide

Elgris Technologies, Inc.™ is also known as Elgris. Through our visualization software we make engineering data readily available to anyone having a need to view schematics regardless of their location within a company or the platform they are using.

Elgris is eager to offer not only excellent technical products, but also the best comprehensive support for our products. It is precisely this constant pursuit of quality, response and consistency that has allowed Elgris' products to gain a highly respected reputation in the EDA interface software marketplace.

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Address: Elgris Technologies, Inc.
465 Stony Point Road #236
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Fax: (707) 573-0237
Phone: (707) 237-2794
Web Site : www.elgris.com

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For job applications send your resume to
The minimum requirements for all jobs at Elgris are

  • For college graduates: A college undergraduate degree and at least 1 year experience.
  • For high school graduates: 4 year experience in a similar job.
  • Some jobs require a masters degree or a ph.d and at least 1 year experience.


Electronic Tools Company (E-Tools) was founded in Sunnyvale, CA in 1987 and shortly thereafter moved to Sonoma.  It focused on the need of engineers and non-engineers to extensively visualize electronic data.  It provided both netlist and schematic viewers and its translators are found on nearly all the widely used EDA platforms. E-Tools EDA group morphed into Elgris September 10, 2005 and it continues providing worldwide support for its products.

Products and Services

Elgris offers an extensive selection of products and services to our users. These fall into five basic categories – Standard XML Translators, Standard EDIF Translators, Conversion Services, Consulting, and Visualization software.

Standard XML Tanslators

Elgris is using EdaXML standard to write XML translators for EDA. XML tools are available for the following platforms.

Cadence ConceptHDL
Mentor Graphics DesignArchitect
Mentor Graphics Viewdraw
Cadence OrCAD Capture

Standard EDIF Tanslators

We estimate that 80% of all the EDIF translators in use today were developed by E-Tools/Elgris. These translators are successfully being used by thousands of users around the world.

Our EDIF Tanslators are available on EDA platforms such as:

Cadence ConceptHDL
Mentor Graphics
Cadence OrCAD Capture

EDIF Translators are used for:

Migration – Moving data from one hardware platform to another.
Integration – Exchanging designs between various EDA Vendor software.
Archiving – Storing data for use at a later time

Conversion Services

Elgris has the hardware to translate legacy engineering databases such as: Daisy, DAZIX, P-CAD and Old Mentor Graphics Apollo to modern EDA platforms such as Mentor Graphics DesignArchitect and Viewdraw, Veribest, Protel, Cadence ConceptHDL, Cadence OrCAD Capture, PADS, Mentor Graphics' Viewdraw. We can write custom packages that meet the internal needs of Companies wishing to read or write EDIF files. Our development architecture is such that we can interconnect off-the-shelf components that allow for extremely fast implementation.

Visualisation Software

Elgris has a strong software development team. Its visualization software makes use of EdaXML, EDIF Version 2 0 0, 3 0 0, and 4 0 0 standard formats.

Our visualization software targets several areas: These include but are not limited to design, manufacturing, documentation, archiving, automotive and field repair shops. Anyone with a need to visualize netlists or schematics.

E-studio Pro is the name of our main visualization product. It is designed to satisfy two types of users who have entirely different needs: the non-engineer – for the use of viewing and reviewing schematics and for the Engineer – for detailed analysis of the schematic.

E-studio Pro functionality includes:

A schematic generator that creates a schematic from a netlist,
A netlist or schematic flattener reducing a hierarchical design to a flat design,
A netlist or schematic comparator that compares two netlists or schematics and creates a report describing the differences.
An XML syntax and semantic checker to quickly assure that any EdaXML file contains correct syntax and semantics, and the ability to translate schematics and netlists into various usable formats.
An EDIF syntax and semantic checker to quickly assure that any EDIF file contains correct syntax and semantics, and the ability to translate schematics and netlists into various usable formats.

Our visualization software targets several areas:

Field repair shops

E-studio Pro Viewer

This is a screen captured from the E-studio Pro software that uses two selected EDIF Version 2 0 0 schematic files and views them. By moving to the windows menu and selecting tools, we can see the various functionality available in E-studio Pro.

 The Viewer can be used to view a schematic . You can easily move between the levels in the hierarchy and zoom in on any object or its properties. It is easy to pan from one object to another. Select an object and you can report on the properties of the object. You can add text or you can add or modify properties attached to the object. Different types of markups (redlining) are available for exchanging information. These can be saved for later reference. Every effort was made to keep the user interface (Microsoft guidelines) easy to use yet highly effective.


Elgris is the leader in CAD to CAD, CAD to CAM translators and in ECAD Visualization Software.

For more information please contact our sales department at

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