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E-studio For Test  is a reverse-engineering and netlist analyzing tool used for netlist debugging  and schematic visualization. It is designed to allow Users to visualize their PCB netlists, IC netlists and to help them work with the schematic data. It is also helpful for Users interested in transforming existing netlists to popular schematic formats like Cadence's OrCAD Capture, Mentor's DxDesigner, Altium Designer, etc.

  • E-studio For Test allows intelligent schematic generation helping to reverse-engineer an existing netlist and to simplify testing/debugging process for a netlist with errors.
  • E-studio For Test is easy to operate and is cost effective. It allows to generate intelligent schematics from netlists in a matter of minutes.
  • E-studio For Test  allows to use existing Vendor symbols (OrCAD, PADS, Allegro HDL,  DxDesigner, EDIF, etc) while generating schematics.
  • E-studio For Test uses industry standard formats such as EDIF, Verilog and EdaXML.
  • E-studio For Test plug-in technology allows it to produce schematics in native formats of most leading EDA platforms. The generated schematics can be saved to popular Vendor formats like Cadence's OrCAD Capture, Mentor's DxDesigner, Altium Designer, etc.
  • E-studio For Test can be supplied with intelligent PDF Writer that allows to print generated schematics to searchable Adobe PDF format with support for signal tracing and hierarchy navigation in the created Adobe PDF files.
  • E-studio For Test  provides additional tools like  Schematic Viewer, BOM generator, Netlist comparator, Hierarchy flattener, Page Merger

 E-studio For Test has 4 major components:

Schematic Generator: Given an input  PCB or IC netlist, the tool can generate a schematic from it.  A User can review generated schematic in the Viewer and then save it to any format supported by E-studio For Test, the most popular choice being  OrCAD Capture, DxDesigner, Altium Designer, EDIF 2 0 0, EDIF 3 0 0.  The tool can automatically generate default symbols or Users can use their own symbol libraries from OrCAD, DxDesigner and other platforms. This component automatically partitions generated schematic  into pages of user-defined dimensions. Both flat and hierarchical netlists are supported.

Schematic Viewer: E-studio For Test can be used to view generated schematics and native databases. A User can look at schematic pages and symbols (pan, zoom in, zoom out), add markups (rectangle, polygon, path, free form, text annotations), select objects and report on them.

Netlist Comparator: Given 2 EDIF netlists , it can compare them and give a User a report on the differences.

Netlist Readers: EDIF 2 0 0 netlist, EDIF 3 0 0 netlist, EdaXML netlist, Verilog gate netlist are supported.

Native EDA Database Writers are additional. Native databases are supported by  special E-studio For Test plug-ins. The plug-ins allow to save generated schematics to the popular Vendor formats including  OrCAD Capture, DxDesigner, Altium Designer, EDIF 2 0 0, etc.

PDF Writer plug-in :  This plug-in can produce an intelligent searchable Adobe PDF file from a schematic opened in the Viewer or generated by the E-studio For Test tool. The intelligent PDF schematic allows tracing of signals between the pages and reporting on objects. Navigation through hierarchy is supported in the PDF file as well. This plug-in can be purchased in addition to E-studio For Test.

The following functions are included with the E-studio For Test  tool:

  • Intelligent Schematic Generator that generates regular schematics taking advantage of PCB and IC knowledge built into the netlists
  • Schematic Viewer with browsing/navigation, search and markup support
  • EDIF 2 0 0, EDIF 3 0 0,  EDIF 4 0 0, Verilog gate netlist, XML netlist readers (*)
  • Netlist and schematic flattener
  • Netlist comparator
  • Page merger to merge several schematic pages into one schematic page
  • Hierarchy browser that can be used to explore both schematics and netlists
  • XML Reader

(*)Only one of those Netlist Readers is included with the standard configuration of the tool.

Platforms Supported:  Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10

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