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EDIF Overview


Standard EDIF Translators

Elgris develops and supports EDIF (Electronic Design Interchange Format) translators that are used by designers of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), printed circuit boards (PCB), and multi-chip modules (MCM).  These are EDIF standard translators that you can find on EDA platforms such as Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics,  etc.   EDIF translators are used for migration of designs from one EDA platform to another, integration from various EDA platforms, and archiving into a neutral format, EDIF.

There are three EDIF standards to translate electronic designs between EDA systems currently in use: EDIF V 2 0 0, EDIF V 3 0 0, and EDIF V 4 0 0.  EDIF V 2 0 0 is the most widely used format for schematic and logical netlist design interchange.   EDIF V 3 0 0 is a brand new standard format designed to replace EDIF 2 0 0 for schematic and logical netlist design interchange.  EDIF V 4 0 0 is a superset of EDIF V 3 0 0.  In addition to schematic and logical netlist, EDIF V 4 0 0 includes constructs to handle PCB and MCM layouts.  EDIF V 4 0 0 is well suited for CAD to CAD or CAD to CAM design interchange: it covers technology and design rules, can handle MCM descriptions, and allows for the transfer of documentation associated with physical layouts such as assembly drawings.

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