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Santa Rosa, CA - September 11, 2017-   Elgris Technologies releases E-Builder ™ tool for customized Symbol Building and FPGAs

Santa Rosa, CA & LITTLETON, Colo.- February 17, 2016-   Elgris Technologies signs Reseller Agreement with ScanCAD International Inc

Santa Rosa, CA, Sep 21, 2012 -   Elgris Technologies announces E-Station Viewing and Cross Probing tool for engineers and technicians

Santa Rosa, CA  and STRAMBINO, Italy - Nov 5, 2010 -   Elgris Technologies signs Reseller Agreement with Seica S.p.A.

Santa Rosa, CA - January 15, 2010-   Elgris Technologies releases E-studio ™ For Test

Santa Rosa, CA - September 25, 2009- Elgris Technologies joins PTC PartnerAdvantage™ Program. E-studio connects PTC’s Windchill® to additional EDA schematic packages like PADS, OrCAD Capture, etc.

Sonoma, CA - September 10, 2005- Electronic Tools Company announces the creation of Elgris Technologies to continue development and marketing of  its EDA technologies

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