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September 25, 2009


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Cross Probing Tool for Engineers and Technicians

Sep 21, 2012 - SANTA ROSA, California

SANTA ROSA, Calif.--Elgris Technologies, the leading provider of schematic/netlist visualization and schematic/netlist translation solutions  has announced today a new addition to their Schematic Conversion and Viewing software solutions with the recent release of their E-Station Cross Probing tool. Igor Luvishis, President of Elgris said “since we support viewing and conversion of the schematic data, we felt that we should be offering a product that allows cross probing and comparison between the schematic and board. Now Engineers in the front end as well as Technicians in the back end will have an easy to use tool that will allow them to access both the schematic and board at the same time. The product supports Cross Probing between tools from different EDA vendors such as Mentor's DxDesigner to Cadence's Allegro PCB or Cadence's Orcad Capture to Mentor's PADS PCB. E-Station supports most of the EDA/CAD formats as well as industry standard formats like EDIF and GenCAD. We found that there are many people needing access to the schematic and/or board that have no knowledge of or access to the CAE/CAD tools. E-Station gives those Users access to the Schematic and Board anytime, anywhere. We think this will be of interest to Circuit Engineers as well as Technicians in the Assembly, Electrical Test and Repair / Rework areas.”


Matt Skogmo, Director, R&D Power Systems at QSC Audio said “ We had been searching for a Cross-Probe solution for the past few years for use by our Test Engineers and Rework Technicians. They were using the FREE Allegro Viewer along with PDF files of the schematics. That flow does not support Cross Probing between the schematic and board.

 Elgris Technologies approached us about their new tool E-Station. It combines a Board Viewer with the Elgris E-Studio Viewer for schematics. It is very powerful, yet easy to use. It even supports complex Hierarchy. It does everything we need and then some."

 More information about E-Station can be found at Elgris web site.


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Elgris Technologies, Inc. is a provider of schematic/netlist visualization and schematic/netlist translation solutions. Elgris brings high quality schematic/netlist debugging products, tools to generate intelligent Adobe PDF and CAD schematics, world-class translators that simplify the tasks of integrating, migrating, and archiving design data from various EDA platforms. Elgris customers include Semiconductor companies, Test and Repair companies, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies, original EDA tool manufacturers(OEM). Elgris Technologies headquarters is located in Santa Rosa, California.


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