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Installation Procedure


Licensing Elgris PC Software

etc_lic.exe is the self-extracting winZIP file.
To unzip the software run etc_lic.exe
The installation process will copy all files to the location you choose.
After you install the software, it will create the following files:

LMUTIL.EXE - Utility to determine host ID of your PC
LMGRD.EXE - License Manager
LIC_SRV2.BAT - Batch for launching the License Manager
README.TXT - An ASCII text file containing the text below.

In the following text, LIC_HOME is the directory where your licensing software is installed.


Obtain host ID and host name of your machine.

  • Your host ID is the Ethernet adapter address on your machine. You can obtain it with the help of LMUTIL from the LIC_HOME directory. On the command line, start LMUTIL with LMHOSTID parameter, by typing:


    If you don't have LMUTIL utility, use:

    "ipconfig /all" command under Win XP, Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10
  • The hostname is the name of your computer in the network.
    For example:  If your machine address is EXPERT.GoodNews.Com, the hostname will be EXPERT.
    The hostname can also be provided as an IP-address (in nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn format).
    You can check the hostname with the help of:

    "ipconfig /all" command under Win XP, Win 7 , Win 8.x, Win 10
2. Send your host ID and hostname to Elgris to get a LICENSE.DAT file from our licensing department.
3. Copy LICENSE.DAT file to your LIC_HOME directory.
4. Start License Server on your machine with the help of LIC_SRV2.BAT from LIC_HOME directory, by typing LIC_SRV2.BAT.
5. You are ready to use Elgris software.






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